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Guchereau Child Care

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Enriching Child Care

Since 1972, Guchereau Child Care has provided quality child care services to families across Louisiana. We are a state licensed Tier 1 preschool, meaning that we have the professional experience to care for your child and create a strong basis for continuing education. We care for children as young as 14 months old, providing stimulating activities at a time that is crucial in a child's educational development.

Your child will form a foundation for learning by gaining social skills, getting introduced to reading, and expressing themselves creatively. We also offer summer programs, for those times of the year when your child needs extra attention and care. Whether you need full time or part time care, turn to Guchereau Child Care. We have helped children succeed for over 46 years, and look forward to working with your child in the future!

We Specialize in

  • Art
  • Computers
  • Dance
  • French
  • Music
  • Reading and Number Readiness
  • Summer Programs
  • And More!

Lafayette preschool

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Lafayette preschool
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